How can we help you ?

1- For Geotechnical Engineering Consultants:

You can have our technical opinion on the feasibility or applicability of dynamic compaction or other ground improvement techniques for a specific project. Send us a copy of boreholes logs and project description and the type of soils properties you are expecting. We will look at it and give you our opinion on which technique is more appropriate.

2- For Civil and Structural Engineers or Design/Build Contractors:

If you are looking at reducing the costs of a project. There is a possibility that ground improvement works will permit to reduce the cost of foundation or even make a project possible by improving problematic soils like raising the bearing capacity or mitigating the risk of soil liquefaction during an earthquake. You can contact us to have our opinion and elaborate a ground improvement solution.

3- For General Contractors:

If you have tender documents specifying ground improvement techniques like: dynamic compaction, dynamic replacement, aggregate piers, gravel piers, rapid impact compaction, vibro-compaction, vibro stone columns, vibro-replacement, rigid inclusions, semi-rigid inclusions or similar expressions, we can look at the bidding documents. In most cases we can have a conform bid and in some cases we could offer an alternate solution.

Consultations and estimates are done free of charge.